They told me I wouldn't pay during the time my internet was down. When I called them to get the credit, they told me they would no longer credit me during the time internet was down. I think it's pretty simple, you have internet you pay. If you don't have internet, you shouldn't have to pay. I guess Teksavvy doesn't believe in that logic.

TekSavvy in Scarborough: speed performance, user sentiment and outage overview. Problems or internet down? Real-time service status. Good day. I'm in Toronto, and I have the Teksavvy cable Internet 30Mbps/150GB cap plan. It was fine up until a couple of months ago when I noticed a major slow down from 7PM - 11PM. The results during those hours are consistently 2Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload. Teksavvy app running on Firestick 4K is flawless thus far. initial configuration (teksavvy account + password) takes few minutes to key in , but once this is done the account remains logged in even after reboot/power loss. the application and channel guide has an appealing design, but may take a day or two to get used to. Aug 09, 2019 · Internet service provider TekSavvy says many regions in Ontario are experiencing an outage. The company posted about a “widespread cable outage” on social media while thanking customers for

Forum discussion: Was TekSavvy down from 9:30-10:20pm today? I lost the internet connection at exactly 9:30pm. Modem saw the DSL connection but the actual internet connection was report as down.

Jul 06, 2020 · Teksavvy Internet Services. High Speed DSL - If you prefer to get your Internet through your phone line, TekSavvy DSL Internet provides you with options for speed and bandwidth at great prices. Surf the web, find what you need and stay connected, all at faster speeds than you thought possible. ISP REPLY Thank you! Much appreciated :) -Aaron: City: Toront, ON Tue, Oct 29, 2019. I previously posted a negative comment on this site regarding poor service received from Teksavvy where I was billed for 2 internet services at the same address for 1.5yrs.

Internet Service; TekSavvy Solutions Inc. TekSavvy Solutions Inc. Internet Service. 800 Richmond St. Chatham, ON N7M 5J5. They swore up and down it was a fault on my end. First it was our

Live TekSavvy outage reports and heat map displaying current problems in Ottawa, Canada. If TekSavvy seems down for Mobile Network,Broadband Internet,3G,4G,Website May 26, 2020 · Cable Internet Down since 2020-05-26 19:00 (Ottawa/Orléans) Close. 7. Modem is sent, wrong address put on the label, modem gets returned to Teksavvy. We made a switch to TekSavvy two weeks ago deciding to replace our DSL with Cable. Our install date was July 11th but we still don’t have an internet connection. I’ve made 5+ calls to both Rogers and Teksavvy and haven’t had any concrete solutions offered. Just case after case created. Realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. Having issues? We help you find out what is wrong. Apr 28, 2020 · TekSavvy is a Canada-wide telecom company that offers budget Internet plans for as low as $33.95 per month. You won’t need to sign on to a contract to get started, and any additional fees you need to pay will be clearly communicated to you before you sign up.