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If the connection is successful, you will be prompted to [Test Internet Connection], finalising the setup process. Note: PlayStation Network Sign-in will fail when testing your Internet connection. To access PlayStation Network you need to sign in with your account details. Connect phone to PS3 via USB? | Yahoo Answers 2013-6-20 · Connect phone to PS3 via USB? I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I wanted to transfer some music to the phone and vice versa. I connected the phone to my PS3 via the USB charger that came with the phone. For some reason my phone doesn't show up on the PS3. I have my phone on the disk drive USB setting. PLEASE HELP!!! How to connect a phone to a PS3 - Quora

Ensure that the router uses an Ethernet connection. PS3 systems are not compatible with USB connections. Check if another device can connect to the network using an Ethernet cable and a different port. If this fails, there may be a problem with your Internet service. Please contact your Internet service provider for more information.

Hi there, someone who actually OWNS a jailbroken PS3 and knows what they're talking about here. Ignore the previous responses. Of course you can connect to the internet on a jailbroken PS3, and you can sign in to PSN. Nothing will happen. Now, hav How do you connect the internet to the ps3 - Answers You can not share your phone wireless internet with your PS3. The PS3 will search for a WiFi connection and if one is found it can be used to connect to the internet. How To Connect Ps3 Controller To Android? - OS Today

Trying to connect ps4 controller to android. OnePlus 6T. Phone finds the controller and it connects it to my phone, but controller keeps flashing and its turning off in a little while. Have been heard that rooting my phone can do something to this, but dont know how to do that.

Connect the PS3 to Your Phone, Starting Next Year You get a ringing joystick that vibrates and receives text messages Dec 17, 2007 11:24 GMT · By Alexandru Stanescu · Comment ·