How to Defend DNS Services from All Types of DDoS Attacks

May 13, 2019 DDOS Protection & Mitigation | 17 Steps To Block & Fix 1 Step 1 : Just Get More Bandwidth to mitigate DDOS attacks. You know how a simple “flood” DDOS … What is a DNS Flood? | DNS Flood DDoS Attack | Cloudflare

A DNS flood is a type of distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) where an attacker floods a particular domain’s DNS servers in an attempt to disrupt DNS resolution for that domain. If a user is unable to find the phonebook, it cannot lookup the address in order to make the call for a particular resource.

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To perform a DDoS, a Hacker first creates its virtual Army by installing a Malware on multiple computers. Once you create your botnet Army, it will be an auto pilot attack when launch command is issued. Below are a few methods on how to DDoS a website or an IP. You will be able to crash a website by following the below-mentioned steps.