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Apr 07, 2012 DNS Forwarders for split DNS - Infoblox Experts Community We have split DNS and the forwarders are part of the grid but are not listed as nameservers for our internal domain but they are still resolving this domain internally. I want the forwarders to only forward requests for all zones not resolve our internal zone. I thought by not having them configured as nameservers for this internal zone it DNS Split Brain - YouTube

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Simple way to set up Split DNS - Shorewall Split DNS is simply a configuration in which the IP address to which a DNS name resolves is dependent on the location of the client. It is most often used in a NAT environment to insure that local clients resolve the DNS names of local servers to their RFC 1918 addresses while external clients resolve the same server names to their public counterparts. DNS Split Zones – Ace Fekay Category: DNS Split Zones. Posted on March 20, 2018 March 20, 2018. What DNS Zone type should I use, a Stub, Conditional Forwarder, a Forwarder, or a Secondary Zone?? What’s the Difference?? By Ace Fekay Originally Published 2012 Updated 3/20/2018. Intro. Ace again. DNS is a basic, yet important requirement that many still having problems

With NS1, you can achieve multiview or split-horizon DNS by adding the NETFENCE_PREFIX filter to a record, and then associating the IP subnet(s) to which you want a particular answer served as metadata on that answer. In other words, you create a view for one or more specific IP address ranges, and then associate that view with one or more

Solved: DNS Views for Split-Tunnel VPN - Infoblox Experts Hello. We're about to add VPN Split-Tunneling for our Lync/Skype services, so they do not traverse the VPN. However, in order to do that we will need to create DNS Views so that the VPN clients receive different responses to DNS queries. As it's a production system I'm concerned about screwing this SSL VPN split tunnel and split DNS? | Fortinet Technical May 04, 2015 Considerations when working with a private hosted zone Split-view DNS. You can use Route 53 to configure split-view DNS, also known as split-horizon DNS. In split-view DNS, you use the same domain name (example.com) for internal uses (accounting.example.com) and external uses, such as your public website (www.example.com). You might also want to use the same subdomain name internally and externally