Jan 21, 2020

clif high, Massive Pyramids Built by Giants in Antarctica Jun 03, 2018 Very, very slow DNS lookup - Troubleshooting and Problems Hi everyone,Signed up a couple of weeks ago and from the start Ive been experiencing very slow DNS lookup. That is to say, webpages will pause on looking up example.com for 5-10 seconds. So far I have tried: adjusted buffers, changed MTU, rolled back TAP driver, experimental Eddie, disabled I CyberGhost VPN 2020 Review: Fast & Cheap, But is it Safe? Jul 19, 2020 Cryptostorm Vpn Android

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Completely Uninstall and Remove cryptostorm-client Some invalid files may be left in system registry and folders. To completely remove Cryptostorm Client, you need to get rid of those remnants, otherwise, it will slow down your PC and block you installing other incompatible programs. To thoroughly delete its files, please follow the steps: *

Jul 13, 2020

” FrootVPN is ranked 32nd while CryptoStorm is ranked 57th. The slow speeds are likely caused by the encryption/decryption process, as well as the server's distance from most users. Another possible explanation for Froot's slow speeds is that they were unprepared for rapid growth. When The Pirate Bay promoted FrootVPN, they gained 100,000 Slow Internet Speed out of NO WHERE - Linksys Community Well I have a decent Internet Speed Until about a week ago I started noticing that my downloads were going at a 30-60kb/s speed when normally they go at 80-100kb/s (Hey, if I was an adult, I'd been buy way faster Internet, but come on, I'm only 14). So yeah I don't know if its something with my s