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Malicious code… – it gets everywhere… It’s a bit like a gas, which will always fill the space it finds itself in – only different: it will always get through ‘holes’ (vulnerabilities) in a computer system. Join the Kaspersky Club We at Kaspersky and The Community Creatives believe that this is a good opportunity to make a change in the attitude of businesses to their information security practices, which may affect their customers, including you and us. We invite all of the creative professionals and amateurs to join us in our quest to make the world safer – and better. Kaspersky | Antivirus Protection & Internet Security software

Kaspersky Internet Security vs Total Security :On the Basis of Benefits. Kaspersky Total Security VS Internet Security- Both provide an equal level of protection against viruses and online threats. The only difference between these two software it that Total Security comes up with extra features that are not present in Kaspersky Internet Security.

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Kaspersky Lab is an excellent company with a solid reputation for building good security products. For most users, there is no meaningful distinction between Kaspersky, Symantec, or F-Secure as sources for antivirus and related tools. All are good options. Kaspersky accuses Microsoft of anticompetitive bundling of Kaspersky's blog post paints Microsoft's decisions around Defender as part of a broader effort to squeeze out third-party developers. Kaspersky claims this squeeze-out is harmful to Windows users Kaspersky Online Help