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Welcome to Aesthetics Wiki, the internet's fastest-growing visual subculture database! Check out our new Discord server! What's an aesthetic in internet terms? An aesthetic, as a noun in the internet sense - not in the philosophical sense - is a visual-led theme reflected consistently and often Dec 29, 2019 · ChillGlobal is a smart plugin for your web browser that allows you to browse the internet without geographical restrictions. Get access to hundreds of TV channels, social media, e-commerce and travel sites. Unofficial lore The Chill Demons are one of the many unofficial pirate crews of Tradelands. We are starting strong, and recruiting more members. Our uniforms will be out soon. Our founding members are, d1090, FrankiePlayzRB, MuffinSWAT_9, and White_Iight. Chill is a Skylander cadet in Skylanders Academy television series. Chill is a cadet that protects the Academy even before her graduation along with Ka-Boom and Snap Shot. As seen in Skylanders Unite! and Dream Girls, she frequently attends classes.

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The Chill is a mercenary band of mostly hobgoblins lead by Ardenor Crush, although they also accept other races, such as gnolls, into their ranks. The group was hired by Sarevok Anchev to help him stage an Iron Crisis in the lands around Baldur's Gate. While the Iron Throne was busy contaminating the ore mined in the Nashkel Mines, Chill and another mercenary organization, the Blacktalons The Chill of Daedelos is a rare drop from ice spiders, ice wargs or snow-trolls in the Ice Level. Utumno Orcs do not drop it. When it does drop, it has a chance to drop 1-4 at a time. Uses Edit. A Chill can be added to weapons to get the Chilling modifier, which causes slowness and an ice overlay to the target's screen. This is very helpful V •T •E Global. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond

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It was known as Pepsi Ice in Czech Republic and Slovakia. [THE SQUIP] Take your hands out of your pockets Arch your back, puff out your chest Add some swagger to your gait or You'll look like a mas-tur-ba-tor Fix your posture, then the rest [JEREMY] But I AM a masturbator-- [THE SQUIP] We'll fix that. All your nerdiness is ugly [JEREMY] Nerd? I thought I was more of a geek, but-- [THE SQUIP] All your stammering's a chore [JEREMY] Wh-wh-what? [THE ↑ Karthus's profile page at Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond Chill is a BEAR skin. It is the regular BEAR with a Chill Face And it doesn’t have its nose. The head under the face edit is a bit noticeable still. Trivia . This skin changes color. This is a reference to the popular Roblox meme called CHILL A man identifying himself as Chill holds up two men loading a truck with chemicals at gunpoint, then fires at them. He then speeds off with the truck, running over Thomas and Martha Wayne and killing them. Some canisters of chemicals also fall off the back of the truck and into a manhole, mutating young Bruce Wayne's pet turtles. Crisis in a Half Shell, part 3 Notes Chill's Prime Earth Chill Stirke 4th Edition Statistics Keywords ArcaneColdImplement Level Type Encounter Chill strike is a wizard spell of relatively low complexity. When cast, chill strike creates a bolt of icy cold energy that is purplish in color. The bolt then flies towards its target, which must be somewhere within a range of fifty feet, dazing them if they are animated. The spell is easy to master, but