Apr 09, 2016

Dec 06, 2018 What is a rootkit and how to remove it | Kaspersky Rootkit Definition. Rootkit is a term applied to a type of malware that is designed to infect a target PC and allow an attacker to install a set of tools that grant him persistent remote access to the computer. Rootkits - Windows security | Microsoft Docs

What is a Rootkit? The Top 5 Examples You Need to Know

Rootkit Definition | What is a Rootkit in Computer Terms? The term rootkit is derived from the combination of two words – "root" and "kit". "Root" refers to the administrator account in Unix and Linux operating systems, which is an all-powerful account with full privileges and unrestricted access. It is equivalent to the administrator account in Windows systems. What is a Rootkit? The Top 5 Examples You Need to Know A rootkit is a piece of software or a collection of programs designed to give hackers access to and control over a target device. Although most rootkits affect the software and the operating system, some can also infect your computer’s hardware and firmware.

Rootkit: What is Rootkit & it's types? How to Detect it

The rootkit itself isn’t necessarily harmful; what’s dangerous is the various forms of malware inside them. Malware in a rootkit can steal data and take over a system for malicious purposes, all while remaining undetected. Installed in the core operating system of a computer, rootkits are difficult to detect and potentially harmful to a system. What actually is a rootkit? | G DATA